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Custom Printed Boxes Solutions in China, Dongguan

China Grand Rise Packing Printing Box is a leading China paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider, with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. It supplies the paper printed box, Rigid Paper Box, Gift Paper Boxes, Spot UV Printed Paper Box, Hot Stamping box , folding box, corrugated printed box, luxury paper box, and custom paper bag... more

Production Time


It takes about 5-7 working  days for us to printing once confirmed details and terms and about 6-7  working days to deliver your order via Express.. We do not deliver on  public holidays. We have noticed that there are usually considerable  postal delays if there are public holidays at your end, so please take  this into consideration. And between Christmas time is very busy time so  pls arrange your order in advance.  

About shipping service we  usually use sea air or express. We will quote you best price as per our  experience, for small order air or express are better choice,for large  packing order air is better.  

For clear custom we will  offer necessary documents for free. For this part different country have  different policy on custom.You d better check local what documents we  need offer. Then we will do as per your instruction. when delivery our  logistics department will track for you.If anything happen we will email  you,if urgent thing we will phone you. So you can rest assure to buy  here we will in charge of everything for you.  


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