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China Grand Rise Packing Printing Box is a leading China paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider, with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. It supplies the paper printed box, Rigid Paper Box, Gift Paper Boxes, Spot UV Printed Paper Box, Hot Stamping box , folding box, corrugated printed box, luxury paper box, and custom paper bag... more

Shipping Methods



                                                   Shipping Time  


Couriers of DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT:
Delivery time: 3-7 working days worldwide.The below prices include fuel surcharge of 16%-21%.

The below prices include fuel surcharge of USD1.2-1.5/kg.

Prices: USD/kg.  

By sea  

USA and Canada:20-35days  

Australia/New Zealand:16-20days  


The rest of world:10-50days  


Shipping tto Europe about 25-30days.  

                                                                          The  Major Seaports  

USA:17  major ports:Boston, Portland, New York, Charleston, Norfolk, New  Jersey, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Miami, Los  Angeles, Seattle, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland.   

Canada:Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, and Montreal.  

Australia:Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Freemantle.   

New Zealand:Wellington, Auckland, and Lyttelton.

UK:Southampton, Felixstowe, Manchester, London, Plymouth, Belfast, Thames, and Liverpool.  


American importers much pay heed to two important things. These include:  

ISF-  The ISF documents are submitted to the local customs before the sail of  the cargo vessel. If not done, importers are liable to be fined.
Bond- A bond of import  must also be present with the importers. The validity of the bond is  dependent on the type of bond that you purchase. It can either be only  for a one-time importing or can be valid throughout the year. If you  want us to deal with this segment, the best that we can provide to you  is a one-off bond.


For  importers from Australia, the PACKING DECLARATION is provided by us  when you get the BL. We are also capable of providing you with the  CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN if you need it. Let us know about the need for the  CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, prior to the sailing of the cargo vessel.  

The  BL that is provided by us is normally Telex Released. In the case that  you need the original BL, please let us know about the same before the  sailing of the cargo vessel. We should point out that it is compulsory  that you make it known to us that you need the original BL before the  products are being sent or before the Telex Released BL is sent to you.  You can only have one of the two versions and it wouldn’t be possible  for us to provide you with the original once the Telex Released version  has already been sent to you.  


If you have any more qustions about shipping and packaging,pls conact us any time,our sales will reply you in 2-3hours,thanks. 

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