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Custom Printed Boxes Solutions in China, Dongguan

China Grand Rise Packing Printing Box is a leading China paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider, with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. It supplies the paper printed box, Rigid Paper Box, Gift Paper Boxes, Spot UV Printed Paper Box, Hot Stamping box , folding box, corrugated printed box, luxury paper box, and custom paper bag... more

How To Place Order



  • Step 1. Please send the printing request to us. We can provide you with a quote price in two hours. 

  • Step 2. Confirm the price and shipping cost. 

  • Step 3. After you approve the total quoted price, please send us the printing files through www.dropbox.com or www.wetransfer.com. 

  • Step 4. We place the order and send the invoice. Please pay a 50% deposit.

  • Step 5. We will make the digital sample and send it to you check before mass products.

  • Step 6. Printing mass products and we will send final images to you check. 

  • Step 7. Please pay the rest money. 

  • Step 8.Shiping out the goods by sea/by air, and we will follow-up on the shipment for you.

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