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China Grand Rise Packing Printing Box is a leading China paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider, with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. It supplies the paper printed box, Rigid Paper Box, Gift Paper Boxes, Spot UV Printed Paper Box, Hot Stamping box , folding box, corrugated printed box, luxury paper box, and custom paper bag... more
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Printing Sample

Confirm the production model and sign the contract is a custom box in a very important process. In general, we will Mass production before proof sample. Customers are interested in cooperation with the Division I, I will be under the Secretary for packaging design packaging and printing products proofing, plastic box proofing done, express to customers to confirm, confirm the production model OK, signed a contract to enter mass production stage.

Packaging box proofing, in two cases, one is blank proofing, that is, transparent packaging, no printing patterns. The other is according to the package design, produced in line with all customer requirements of the box, including material, thickness, structure, printing, color, etc., must meet the design requirements. In order to ensure proofing effect and the effect of large cargo consistent, therefore, proofing, but also in large-scale automated production equipment, plastic box, the machine opens the high cost, therefore, each proofing, we have to charge a reasonable proofing fee, Our grand printing proofing fee collection is also very user-friendly, proofing, the signing of the production contract, to do a one-time goods to 50,000 yuan, you can refund the proofing fee to the customer.




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